Your canvas, our innovation: Creating awe-inspiring, one-of-a-kind tattoos.

Patience to come up with unique concepts and ideas is essential. Time to design and draft unique concepts is the first step in the process of an original tattoo. Drawing, painting, freehand, and software use are all part of the methods which are used to prepare exclusive tattoos.

Providing an amazing experience to each and everyone of my clients is what I strive for.

My undivided attention and focus is what is given to my art, hence, it is what is given to my client. Quality equipment, quality material and a cleanly environment are all instrumental aspects to delivering a masterful work of art. The ability to be comfortable throughout the process is inevitable.
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Your health is my priority, always.

Professionally trained to prevent infection and any contamination. Precise protocol is followed, there are no alternatives.


When creating, I strive to ensure the intent of work best expresses a message to your success. 

A tattoo is no longer just a picture on the skin. This is the direction of fine art. Through powerful symbols, lines, structure and design, my mission and your vision can come to life.
My black & grey work is packed with delicate stippling and fine line detail.  

I enjoy implementing aspects of texture into each unique tattoo I create to give it added depth. I want each tattoo I create to compliment and fit the contours of that specific client’s body. Placement of a tattoo is of great importance. The art of harmonizing a piece with a client’s body encompasses a natural look and flow.

Whatever the situation, the way you share your story through a tattoo can make all the difference.




In my early twenties, I yearned for a transformative journey. 

It was crystal clear to me that my artistic gift was meant to touch the world. I wanted people to experience it, to carry it as a companion on their personal quests.

Then, fate introduced me to Saul Alonzo, a wandering maestro from Mexico, who guided me into the art of tattooing. Ever since, my relentless pursuit has been to embody the essence of an exceptional artist.

Wandering through the realms of my imagination, I unearth novel ideas and breathe life into them through original imagery.

But there's more to my craft than just ink and creativity.

It's about people. 

Their stories matter to me, and through tattooing, I have the privilege to fulfill their desires. My nurturing spirit shines as I guide my clients through the process, helping them find solace in moments of discomfort and ultimately attain  transformative  results.

Engraving art upon the living canvas is an integral part of my identity, a profound testament to my artistry.

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